World Amazing Stuff: Woman saves man by a kiss

Woman saves man by a kiss

Never underestimate the power of a simple kiss. In China, Woman could saves man from suicide with a kiss.

Liu Wenxiu made all the difference with her expression of affection after spotting an unknown man clinging to a barrier on the highest floor of a mall in Shenzhen, in the Guang Province.

The teenager shocked onlookers by first hugging and then kissing the stranger on the lips. Her distraction enabled authorities close by to grab the man and pull him out of danger.

"The young man was on the outside of the barrier and was holding a knife to his chest but nobody seemed to be trying to talk him round," Liu reportedly told reporters “I wanted to help him but the police wouldn't let me through so I lied and told them he was my boyfriend and that he wanted to kill himself because of me.

"Then police allow me talk to him and he told me he was sad because he was from a broken family. I'm also from a broken family too and understood him perfectly. His story touched me and I felt like I really was his girlfriend and I could save him."