World Amazing Stuff: Black hole 12 billion times bigger than Sun found

Black hole 12 billion times bigger than Sun found

A super massive black hole 12 million times larger than the sun and powering the brightest lighthouse in the distant universe has been discovered.

The extraordinary object is at the centre of a quasar, an intensely powerful galactic radiation source with a million billion times the sun’s energy output. The nature of quasars has remained a mystery since they were discovered in 1963.

Mainly the object, discovered by astronomers in 2013, is six times greater than its largest-known contemporaries.

Its existence poses a challenge for theories of the evolution of black holes, stars and galaxies, the scientific journal Nature reported.

Light from the black hole took 12.9 billion years to reach the Earth, so astronomers see the object as it was 900 million years after the Big Bang. Read more……