World Amazing Stuff: Free Wi-Fi for rail passengers in Sri Lanka

Free Wi-Fi for rail passengers in Sri Lanka

Railway passengers will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi facilities at some 100 selected railway stations in the country by April, the Railway Department said on 26-02-15.

Under this programme Wi-Fi hotspots are due to be established in over 100 stations around the country with the support of Sri Lanka Telecom.

“We are going to begin this programme next week from the Fort Railway Station. By April, there will be almost 100 railway stations with free internet access which enables passengers to access internet via smart phones or tablets,” Railway Commercial Superintendent Sisira Kumara said.

According to him, the infrastructure facilities for the project are still being constructed by the Railway Department in the selected railway stations.

Another joint project was launched by SLT and Mobitel that has provided access to free Wi-Fi hotspots on ICE trains for passengers. It was launched by SLT on 25-02-15 yesterday in the Jaffna Station.