World Amazing Stuff: Millions cash rain in Kuwait city

Millions cash rain in Kuwait city

Some lucky pedestrians and motorists have recently made a windfall after bank notes fell from out of the blue early this month Feb 2015. Motorists driving through Kuwait city could not believe their eyes when it started raining money in the middle of Kuwait city.

The incident took place in Kuwait, as some media reports have claimed earlier, and caused traffic to stop on one of the city’s busy streets. The paper bills, each worth 20 Kuwaiti dinars (Dh248), were supposedly worth at least three million dirhams.

The footage, which was uploaded on February 9, shows a number of drivers and passersby stopping in the middle of a highway and in a parking lot; trying to make a dash for the mystery bank notes.

The rare incidence was caught on mobile phone video that has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube and turned a lot of people green with envy.