World Amazing Stuff: Kumana Bird Paradise

Kumana Bird Paradise

The Kumana Bird Paradise is located in the south east of Sri Lanka and is also known as Yala east national park. The park spreads out in an area of 18,149 hectares landscape and is famously known as a bird sanctuary.

The park is outlined by the Kumbukkan oya from the south, the 'Kumana villu' is a swap lake that spreads out to 200 hectares also the park is dotted with shallow lagoons and tanks that the birds feed off from. The wetlands of the park are surrounded by the shrub forests of the dry zone.

There have been sightings of 255 species of birds at this park; during the months of April - July thousands of birds migrate to Kumana, many of the water birds can be spotted at the park during the months of May - June. The country has more than 400 species of birds within it where around 230 are resident and 23 species are considered as endemic. Kumana Bird Paradise pictures.
Kumana Bird Paradise pictures