World Amazing Stuff: World's Longest Dreadlocks

World's Longest Dreadlocks

Asha Mandela, age 50 from Atlanta, Georgia has holding the Guinness world record for World's longest dreadlocks which measured recently 55 feet, 7 inches long and weighs of 39 pounds.

In 2008/2009, first time Asha Mandela entered to the Guinness Book for the world’s longest dreadlocks. At the time, they measured 19 feet, 6 inches long – recently unofficial measurement found one of the strands measured a whopping  55 feet, 7 inches long and noted nearly three times the official length.

Kazuhiro Watanabe from Japanese holds the Guinness world record for " Tallest Hair " in the world and also it's already listed in Guinness world record book..

Asha Mandela told the reporters "My hair has become part of me. It is my life. I will never cut it," adding that she maintained her locks even while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The tattooed, bejeweled mother of one has also overcome two strokes and two heart attacks.

Still Asha wants to keep growing her hair. "Cutting it would be equivalent to suicide. It would be like being a zombie."