Saudi Arabian flight makes emergency landing

A Saudi Arabian Airlines plane was travelling from the Iranian city of Mashhad with 315 passengers on board, forced to make an emergency landing in the holy city Medina on Sunday, injuring 29 people on 05/01/2014 Sunday morning according to the aviation authority.

The airport was closed and all domestic and international flights were cancelled due to the closure of the runaway after the plane landed without wheels because of a technical glitch.
The incident led to the mobilization of a rescue team, ambulance and fire fighters at the airport after the plane landed in the runway. Circulated images show that the damages were at the rear end of the plane.

The official spokesman of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Abdullah Al-Khaybari, told Al Arabiya News Channel that 29 passengers were injured, 11 were transferred to the hospital and 18 had minor injuries and were treated at the airport clinic,” he said.