World Amazing Stuff: Health benefits of Oats

Health benefits of Oats

Oats are rich in fiber and a good source to boost your energy. But there are several other reasons why you must include oats in your daily diet. There are 13 reasons to have oats daily, whether it is for breakfast or as a snack.

Improves immune system
Oats contain a fiber called beta glucans which has been extensively studied over the years. Beta glucans is also present in yeast, barley and different mushrooms. Why is it important? Well, beta glucans is known to fight viruses, bacteria and parasites there by boosting your immune system.

Great for weight loss
Oats and fibre are synonymous with each other. Digestion of oats is a slow process; when you consume oats the body will absorb it steadily. Since the process is a slow one you feel satiated and full for a longer duration. In simple words, oats reduces your hunger pangs and prevents you from indulging in oily and salted food.

Improves digestion
Since oats have a rich source of fibre, it aids digestion. It works for constipation and also works as a natural laxative. While over the counter laxatives may provide quick relief it tends to reduce body weight drastically too, but oats maintains healthy body weight. Consume oats to improve your bowel movements, as it acts like a natural scrub for the intestines.

Oats for diabetics
Oats contains the lowest amount of glycemic index, that is, it has the least effect on blood sugar levels. For diabetics, it is important to increase your intake of oats as it controls the glucose levels in the blood. Oats also absorbs sugar which reduces the dependence of releasing insulin.

Cuts the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
Oats reduces your dependence on insulin and can improve insulin sensitivity. In a study, there was approximately 40 percent reduction of insulin dosage. Oats are one of the diabetes friendly ingredients you must have.

Reduces high blood pressure
Consuming oats on a daily basis can help in lowering systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Under the supervision of a doctor, you may be able to completely stop having medication if you continue to have oats.

Reduce asthma risk 
Studies suggests that if you introduce oats based food to a child, the risks of developing asthma is scare. Apparently, in the same study also says that if you include fish in your child's diet at an early stage, it can prevent rhinitis.

Reduces cholesterol
The fiber present in oats works great for those with high cholesterol. Oats has the ability to reduce low density lipoprotein or LDL which is bad cholesterol. Oats' soluble fiber helps trap cholesterol and eliminate it.

Fights cancer
Oats contains antioxidants vitamin E which prevents a build up of free radicals that can harm the body. Oats can reduce your chances of developing colon, breast and bowel cancer.

Increases libido
If you lack the sexual urge, then oats is your aphrodisiac. Who knew this boring and bland ingredient can boost your libido by balancing your testosterone and oestrogen.

Healthy skin
Looking for a natural method or home remedies to enhance your skin? Try oats to improve you skin health. Apparently you can apply oats for itchy skin, dry skin and irritated skin. Oats can work as facial packs too when mixed with yoghurt and honey.

Hangover cure
Next time you have a hangover prepare a bowl of oats. It will help to absorb the alcohol from the blood and reduces acidity too. A bowl of oats is all you need to reduce the effects of hangover.

Improves your mood
Certain foods can make you tired or bring down your mood. Then there are oats, it contains vitamin B6 which induces serotonin that preps up your mood and keeps you relaxed.